Prepare or purchase a Charcuterie board!

This will allow you to be seated at a safe distance yet enjoy watching the video together.

As an extra precaution, someone should act as server so that utensils are handled by one person only. Guests will, one at a time, voice their choices.

Search the internet for ideas how to put together a pleasing array of cold cuts, cheese, and fruit, condiments, etc. plus an assortment of crackers or Artisan breads.

Serve with wine, or a beverage of your choice. The sky is the limit.

Challenge your friends to a competitive way of donating to LuMinHoS.

Encourage donations:

  • Mail a cheque to LuMinHoS at P.O. Box 23019 Saskatoon S7J 5H3
  • Online through Canada Helps at
  • E-transfer to
  • Decorate a basket or jar for drop-in cash or cheques; designate one person to get the money to LuMinHoS (See first bullet).

Wear your mask when not eating and wash your hands.