Luther Rose

How to become a LuMinHoS Hospital Visitor

(As of December 18, 2018.)

The visiting of Lutheran patients in the hospital is the main purpose of LuMinHoS.

But the Chaplain needs help in order to make and maintain contact with Lutheran patients while they are in hospital. Visitors (lay and clergy) are greatly appreciated, working together with our Chaplain. Visitors usually report experiencing great satisfaction in their visiting — and appreciation for their ministry is voiced by the patient as well as by their families and friends.

How can I become a LuMinHoS Hospital Visitor?

There are several steps required by the Saskatchewan Health Authority. The LuMinHoS Visitation Chairperson and our LuMinHoS Chaplain will take you through those steps as follows:

  1. First you must contact our Chaplain to let him know that you are interested in hospital visiting.
  2. Then our LuMinHoS Visitation Chairperson will give you a Letter of Request for LuMinHoS visiting clearance and take you, with that letter (which waives the usual fee), to the police station for a background check. You need to have two pieces of identification with you, one with your photo.
  3. Next our LuMinHoS Visitation Chairperson will give you a different Letter of Request for LuMinHoS visiting clearance and take you to St. Paul’s Hospital for processing. To submit your police clearance form, sign a hospital form which spells out a code of conduct along with stating your contact information and your church membership. Then your picture will be taken for the ID tag that must be worn in Saskatoon hospitals whenever you are visiting Lutheran patients for LuMinHoS.
  4. Finally, our LuMinHoS Chaplain will arrange with you suitable times and hospital(s) for you to visit.  At first you may accompany our Chaplain and/or perhaps an experienced visitor until you feel comfortable visiting on your own. You will always be under the direction of our Chaplain.

Steps 2 and 3 take about two hours.  When you are cleared for visiting, you will be given written information regarding the procedures in each hospital.

From time to time, our LuMinHoS Visitation Chairperson, will invite all our visitors to gather for a “Visitors Venue” — a time to hear some instruction from our Chaplain and to share experiences encountered in visiting as well as time for asking questions.

Both our Chaplain and the Visitation Chairperson will keep all Visitors updated with any information that is important or necessary for your visiting.