A message from the Events Committee

We triedto bring you the 40th Anniversary of the Lutheran Care Society celebration in April, to be held at the German Cultural Centre. Our program was in place!

We triedto invite you to our Annual Fundraising Dinner at the Western Development Museum! Program ideas were contemplated to engage our wonderful Lutheran Choirs and Musicians for your enjoyment but alas—it just couldn’t be done.

LuMinHoS is going “Virtual”.

Please, peruse the poster for all information: a YouTube video is in the production process with snippets from the 40th Anniversary planning and with music. You will receive instructions how to access it. Since this is LuMinHoS’ major fundraiser we are giving you lots of suggestions how to DONATE! DONATE! DONATE! DONATE!

Ideas will be posted how to use the video and pretend to be at dinner or coffee or…!

  • Using one’s imagination in COVID-19 times is key.
  • Stay tuned and pray that God will use this unusual event for His purposes:

Bringing the Comfort of Christ to Patients in Hospitals of Saskatoon

It is needed now more than ever!