Luther Rose

Past Chaplains

Rev. Oscar Johnson (Nov 1, 1981 – Mar 15, 1985)

Rev. Lowell Guebert (Sept 1, 1985 – Oct 15, 1988; Jan 10, 1998 – May 18, 1998)

Rev. Ken Kuziej (Jan 1989 – Mar 31, 1991)

Rev. Ken Finnestad (Aug 1991 – June 30, 1993)

Rev. Roland Ziprick (Sept 1, 1993 – Aug 31, 1994)

Rev. Gary Barr (Aug 29, 1994 – Jan 9, 1998)

Rev. Howard Ulmer (May 19, 1998 – 2007)

Rev. Ron Bestvater (October 2007 – Jan 2020)

Obituary of Rev. Gene Grant

Historical Highlights


Nov 14: A proposal for a Lutheran Hospital Ministry in Saskatoon was ready for consideration.

Nov 26: The first organizational meeting was held in the Luther Tower Board Room. Present were Mel Murray, Lydia Twyver, Shirley Kasdorf, Rev. Boyd Molder, Rick Kauk, Iris Bauer-Skogsrud, Rev. Gene Grant, Lonnie Piller, Ernest Drewlo, Lillian Drewlo, Helen Burrows, Rev. Dr. Ken Peterson, Rev. Lowell Guebert, Phyllis Guebert, Fred Gable, Mary Gable.

The following resolution was adopted: “To establish a society to provide a more effective ministry to all Lutherans who are in hospitals in Saskatoon and to aid pastors in the care of their members.”


Jan 7: The second organizational meeting was held in the Luther Tower Board Room. Twenty-two people were present. Some of the issues discussed were:

  1. The purpose of the Society,
  2. The membership formula,
  3. The composition of the Board and the executive committee.

Feb 4: The third organizational meeting was held. At this time, the proposed society was named St. Luke’s Lutheran Care Society. This meeting struck a constituting committee. The members elected were: Rev. Gene Grant, Doug Wedman, Rev. Mel Murray, Lydia Twyver, Rev. Bob Byhre, Lon Piller, and Elsie Hannon.

Feb 14: Meeting of the Constituting Committee.   Two major decisions made were:

  1. The name is to be “Lutheran Care Society, Inc.”
  2. The Board shall consist of a minimum of five members and a maximum of twelve members.

Mar 17: Meeting of the Constituting Committee. The name of the society is to be “The Lutheran Care Society of Saskatoon Incorporated”.

Mar 24: The Constituting Meeting was held in the Luther Tower Board Room at 8:00 p.m. Twenty-one members were present. Major accomplishments:

  1. The proposed constitution, with a few changes, was adopted
  2. The Articles of Incorporation were adopted
  3. The first Board members elected were: Rev. Gene Grant, Dr. Martin Leeseberg, Lydia Twyver, Elsie Harmon, Lon Piller, Doug Wedman and Phyllis Guebert.
  4. The first Treasurer elected was Ernest Drewlo.

April 10: The first Board meeting was held. Officers elected were: Rev. Gene Grant, President; Lon Piller, Vice President; Elsie Harmon, Secretary. Discussion centred on the long-range goal of engaging a paid Chaplain.

Sept 23: Incorporation of the Lutheran Care Society of Saskatoon.


Mar 24: Certificate of Registration plus charitable society number received.

May 11: The annual meeting decided to send a letter of election to Rev. Oscar Johnson to serve as part-time Chaplain. He began work on Nov 1.


Dec: Rev. and Mrs. Oscar Johnson hosted a Continental Breakfast for clergy. (This was the first one, and the tradition continues today.)


May 9: Noted at the Annual Meeting that financial support has been received from the ELCC and the Manitoba-Saskatchewan District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.


Jan: The Caregiver newsletter created.


March 20: “Spring Celebration” held at Zion Lutheran Church.


Nov 9: Ad hoc committee struck to explore possibility of merging with Lutheran Sunset Home.

1999 – 2001

Restructuring discussions involving LutherCare Communities occupied the Board.


Sept 28

The first “Praise and Thanksgiving Hymn Sing” was held.