If conditions allow invite the men to a Sub and Suds luncheon.

Order the Sub sandwiches, cupcakes and any desired beverages. Split the expenses if necessary!

Watch the video, seated safely distanced, during lunch.

Consider inviting the LuMinHoS Chaplain to start a discussion about the benefits of LuMinHoS, to the patients in hospitals and to their congregations. Entertain the idea of becoming hospital lay visitors.

Encourage donations:

  • Mail a cheque to LuMinHoS at P.O. Box 23019 Saskatoon S7J 5H3
  • Online through Canada Helps at
  • E-transfer to
  • Decorate a basket or jar for drop-in cash or cheques; designate one person to get the money to LuMinHoS (See first bullet).

Wear your mask when not eating and wash your hands.