“The Gift” Dinner, November 17, 2019

The Board of Directors of LuMinHoS and its Committees can look back to November 17 as a blessed success! Just over 200 people attended the Christmas dinner and all the other “trimmings”.

The Saskatoon Western Development Museum’s Saskatchewan hall was the venue for the activities. Tables were decked out in colourful linens and pretty gift boxes stating: Jesus is the Gift!

A seemingly endless table of seasonal baking was frequented often and pastries disappeared amazingly fast. Culinary creations, donated by individuals from Lutheran Churches ranged from Peffernüsse and Krumkake to Stollen and Lefse and more. This effort totaled nearly $1,200. The Silent Auction table also attracted much attention and sported a wine basket, a basket of home-made canned delicacies, a Gingerbread House, Christmas decorations, Canadian and Norwegian specialties etc. and brought in $435.

The culinary highlights were two entries for the Live Auction which brought in $200. Andrea Cameron created a masterpiece Mocha Torte that was as much a delight to the eyes as it would have been for the discriminating tongue. Not to be outdone was the Kransekake, a joint baking venture of Alice Olson and Joan Stalwick. Again: an amazing creation!  All three bakers are members of Zion Lutheran.

In the entertainment lineup, back by popular demand, was the Saskatoon Men’s Chorus with the theme song The Gift, directed by Lynn Driedger and “I just heard some good news” under the directorship of Deborah Buck. Eleven year old Marley Hauk delighted the audience with singing and playing “The Perfect Gift”.

Three guest speakers took the stage. Dr. Elke Mau, a Pediatric Surgeon used a play-on-words in saying that the presence at a sick person’s bed side is a tremendous gift, like a present provided by LuMinHoS. Brynn Boback-Lane told us that the reality of the Children’s hospital is a gift of the people of Saskatchewan; their foresight and tenacity made it possible. Pastor Ron Bestvater made reference in many ways to The Gift which LuMinHoS is to patients in hospitals in Saskatoon.

Lorence Peterson asked the audience to fill the table envelopes with their gifts to LuMinHoS, resulting in $15,482 to a total for the evening of $17,249. It is worth mentioning that, whereas the large number of guests make up the ambiance for the evening, it is not the ticket sales which make the fundraising a success but the generous donations which are most gratefully received.

We thank everyone who in any way contributed to The Gift for LuMinHoS.

Photos from the Event